Obama’s spending – how it effects college kids (&GRADUATES)

Okay, ladies and gents – it’s Sunday (aka food & football).  I started writing this Friday, apologize for the delay.  Now, not one of you with a beer in your hand right now (have one for me) will find this as important as I do right now; butttt tomorrow? #payATTENTION


Posted by Mary on October 21 2011

President Obama’s jobs plan will invest in our people and our communities—putting Americans back to work rebuilding and renovating our schools, colleges, roads, railroads, and homes. This week’s Friday Facts takes a look at what investing in our infrastructure really means:

$5 billion investment in modernizing community colleges
Investing in community college infrastructure improves access to lifelong learning for all Americans, ensuring the colleges’ ability to serve future generations of students and communities, and creating new jobs for construction workers who are hired to update colleges’ infrastructure.

$15 billion for Project Rebuild: rehabilitating homes, business, and communities
Rehabilitating and refurbishing hundreds of thousands of vacant homes and businesses creates jobs for construction workers, stabilizes neighborhoods hit by foreclosures, and helps communities reduce blight and crime.

$25 billion investment in school infrastructure that will modernize at least 35,000 public schools
Putting a new science lab in a school doesn’t just mean that our kids have access to the latest technology—it means construction jobs in town, a better working environment for teachers, and a better education for students.

The President’s plan includes funding for:

  • Rural schools and Bureau of Indian Education funded schools
  • Emergency repair and renovation projects to classrooms and school buildings
  • Greening and energy efficiency upgrades to school properties
  • Building new science and computer labs

$50 billion in immediate investments for highways, transit, rail, and aviation 

Our highways, transit, rail, and aviation systems are essential for everything from traveling to work to shipping American-made products overseas to sell in foreign markets. Updating and renovating our roads, railroads, and airports will put hundreds of thousands of construction workers back on the job and help make sure that Americans are traveling on safer roads and bridges.

Paid for by Obama for America

Now somebody tell me, what are student loan interests like right now? What’s the average cost for ANY type of graduate schooling (which is quickly becoming a necessary notch on your resume in order to do more than wash cars/ flip burgers)??  Really F@CK!NG High. 

But in an era where our generation continues to utilize the World Wide Web in the way we fantasized about after the Jetsons, where entrepreneurs build businesses out of nothing but t-shirts and a blog (don’t get me started about “How to Make It in America” – I’ll be writing a post soon on what ideas in that show epitomize the best things about our generation), the school on your degree may not mean as much any more.  Granted, the Ivy schools will still definitely get you 100K annually, but as an average American you may not need much more than a community college’s degree to make a modest living (&most likely more).

You laugh, but think about it – what’s more important, the knowledge or the name inside that frame on the wall? this is me blatantly saying f@ckoff to the “it’s not what you know, but who you know” saying.  That furthering of your education would be enough to give recent college grads the specialization they need to compete and influence their chosen fields.  Combined with tools like the internet, greater-available higher-quality technology, and good ‘ol American motivation, this gives you more freedom of choice about where you want to go because of the lower cost of the education, creating new markets for various fields not previously available in many areas. And all that money that saved on tuition?  More capital to be invested in an up-&-comer’s aspiring business, more money to put back against his undergraduate bills; shit, more money to SAVE with, for a home/ 401K/ a kid’s college fund/ a Porsche.  IDK.

Now to believe this you do not have to believe that the educations that you get at both the community college and the private/ prestigious schools are roughly equal; you just have to believe that the community college holds enough tools for you to further yourself.  This is where Mr. Obama comes into play.  I don’t know about you, but $5 Billion is a lotta goddamn cash – and that kind of investment into our education is the kind of thing that sparks renaissances.  You know, culture.  I know that if this passes, and the money finds its way into the community college infrastructure, I would not hesitate to use it as my graduate-education career path.  Public administration.  Public Policy. Marketing. (That’s just me.)

I’m not telling you to aspire to a community college education.  But maybe you should.


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