“This really sums up the way I feel every single day.” ~~Submitted, Melody

This isn’t exactly me… but I love the sentiment.

Day 255/365 So this is going to be a controversial 365 post, I’ve held off on taking it for a few days knowing it would upset a few people, but decided I need to step up. I know that I have been quite lucky in my life, I have parents are willing to support me, I have a college degree from a great school, I drive a new car, I get to go out and have fun with my friends, and I always have had food on the table. But I can not sit back and be happy in a country that’s so controlled by special interest groups and large corporations. Where insurance companies make billions and then nickel and dime you if you get hurt and they actually have to pay out. Where Schools have to cut the arts, gym and after school activities so that we can bail out banks, who only turn around and give their CEO bonuses, and add new charges and fee’s to their customers. Where politicians only care about staying in power and opposing the other side, rather then whats best for their constituents. I’m incredibly proud of the members of my generation who are on the street right now, protesting for all of us, and I hope that people are listening.

S/O to Black&Denim, source.


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