YES!!! FINALLY!! Anyone familiar with urban studies or, really, a college education has heard of the phrase “crack/ powder disparity.” Why its taken this long is beyond me, but again, Obama earns my trust with the little things that garner much less coverage than all of the other topics (economy, unemployment, foreign policy, etc).

H.I.P Wire

Last year President Obama signed into law a provision that would correct a wrong that has been perpetuated since the late 80’s. Many of us know that crack cocaine convictions carried a heavier sentence than those for powder cocaine and since most crack cocaine convictions involve black or brown suspects this practice went on for years.  So President Obama saw fit to right a criminal justice wrong.  With that said this summer more than 13,000 inmates will be eligible for early release.  These 13,000 inmates will be released to an economically collapsed society that at this moment has nothing to offer them.  These same inmates will unfortunately find it difficult to obtain employment and possibly fall back into the same pitfall that placed them in prison to begin with.  There has to be some type of program that can re-engage these individuals back into society to prevent them from falling…

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