@Wale’s “DC or Nothing” characterizes a city, nation

The question that has been posed is…  With a song off of his newest album, Ambition, released 11.1.11 via Maybach Music Group and Warner Bros. Records, does Wale accurately describe D.C. with this song?

And my answer is, are you kidding? Besides the fact that the sound of his spoken word stirs your soul, and the chorus-vocals generate a vision of the same storm clouds seemingly hanging over the White House (with the domestic/ global economy, unemployment, global warming, foreign violence)..

I live in DC, have for 5 years; every day I see the gentrification and homelessness, even in old-money neighborhoods.  Columbia Heights, Capitol Hill, Riverfront, “Capitol Yards.” The DC shootings of Halloween? = the influx of guns into the District (“Where there’s minimal conscience and there’s thousands of choppers”).  Wale is the mouthpiece for a city that was built with the intention of being the pedestal from which the world views/ compares themselves.  At least, that was the founding fathers intent: rivaling European history, Asian culture & tradition, and South American beauty, and yet we are rife with these problems.  Wale “is the messenger here.” His observations are not only “contagious” but transparent; you can see right through him, to the city outline behind him.  He helps us to realize that this city is the home of our country’s greatest leader – not just its most current but its most prophetic visionary – and yet, there are no leaders in our communities, little guidance to our youth (“Ain’t nobody here leading, it’s way  too easy to follow//They knee deep in today, ain’t too fond of tomorrow”).

And as an artist, @Wale did all that he could – “in the face of adversity, I prepared a verse to see.  Or hear rather…”  I can feel something change in the weather, too.

S/O to DCentric, source.




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