an inspiring brand for positive perspectives.

Guys (and girls), this is a brand I found in my ever-constant search for inspiration and examples of social progress – from real people comes fashion that reflects their positive psychology.

Plus, they use some of the same rhetoric I do – “movements” of people, spreading the word, through moral ideals and “dreams.”

PLEASE make sure you check this out, you won’t regret it – and I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open for them on bigger scenes as time moves forward.

The brand Figure of Speech stems from six young individuals each possessing a mature state of mind and constantly thinking outside the box. We at Figure of Speech believe in not only motivating those within your circle, but celebrating life’s successes with them as well. Often times Dreamers fall victim to self promoted restraints such as excuses, fear and misguidance. The presence of positive influences can prove essential in the avoidance of such restraints on one’s journey to success. At Figure of Speech, no dream is too big, no idea is too small, no mistake is too wrong and no failure is unlearned from.

We address life experiences, both good and bad through fashion, hoping to ignite inspirational thoughts leading to success for each and every individual affiliated. At Figure of Speech, we pride ourselves in using the wolf as the face of our brand because we can relate to its characteristics. The wolf symbolizes loyalty, success, perseverance, stability and thought. Wolves are also often regarded as path finders and teachers, traveling in packs, and NEVER leaving another behind. We strive to express our freedom of speech, and innovative ideas through clothing, in hopes of inspiring our peers as they embark on their own Journey’s throughout life.

A dream is often one conversation away. Our ultimate goal is to spark those conversations amongst our peers, with hopes of producing encouraging thoughts amongst you and your team. It is no secret that we often become a product of our own environment. It’s essential that our environment consist of goal oriented dream chasers, willing to plow through any obstacles in their way.


Source: FOS.



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