“I know not what I search 4

But I know I have yet 2 find it,

Because it is invisible 2 the eye

My heart must search2 it blinded.

And if by chance I find it,

Will I know my mission is achieved?

Can one come 2 conclusions,

Before the question is conceived?

Just as no one knows

what lies beyond the shore,

I will never find the answer 2

what it is that I search 4.

~Tupac Shakur, “What Is It That I Search 4;” The Rose That Grew From Concrete

I can’t tell you exactly what this blog is about; I’m starting it at a difficult time in my life.  Near the age of 24, I have buried my father, admitted myself to an emergency room out of fear for my health, struggled out of a job that has suppressed my happiness and caged my potential, and in this economy, found no viable alternative.

You may be able to call this blog an outlet; a place to push my creative passions out, to exercise my dimming mind, to reach out and make the changes in the world during the evenings that I am unable to during the daylight.  However, it will NOT be a mouthpiece for my personal therapy; but rather a place of expression for my stream-of-consciousness.  Observations of the city around me and the people who inhabit it; of the legal and philosophical structure that surrounds us and dictates our thinking.  As you read, hopefully my writings cause you to think; that is the point, isn’t it?  Thinking = neural action, therefore inferring not only that you exist but that you are performing an action too.  Because thinking + action is what brings about change…

And I leave you with this:

“Were you trying to provoke anybody to do anything particular? Were you trying to provoke..

(Tupac interrupts) “YES. Yes.”

“…trying to get people to do things? Tell us what.”

“THINK. Use ya head.”


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