When your spirit is strained and you limited to change,
The lyrics in your limericks will change.
A different hook, the way the sentences arranged,
More demented in your deliverance, more sinister in ya slang,
Sounds more belligerent when its sang;
The truth…is limitless in it’s range.
If you, drop a “T” and look at it in reverse,
I could hurt, look at the grimaces of the pain.
And its worse when it works, and ya membership is gained
But you forgettin’ the proof, diminishes in the flames..
Like poof, the media pours images in ya brain
Of the score of the war where militants is slain.
The faces of the guilty where innocence is proclaimed
And they filthy, the deaf ears are the winners
The listeners are the lames…
Of the ballad of the man, that the son of a minister has became so:

   Where forth has my Glory gone?

But you gotta understand our differences is the same:
What starts in clouded minds, finishes in the rain
Of the fools that are used that’s instruments in the game
Where oppression is the queen and ignorance is the king
Where revolution is dead…
No candles in its memory, No rememberance of its fame.
Just a mystery, no mentioning the history of the chain
The enemy, no Hennessey sentiments in its name
Just a unmarked grave that menaces have defamed
With the propaganda, and images of the gangs.
A lost art, no apprentices in the trained
And they brainwashed, no interest in the stain.
And their mind’s weary all the adrenaline in the drain
While the Wrecking balls is….disassembling things.
Our highness is the cause, its imminence is the blame
The pride is still here, the pillaging still remains, but:

   Where forth has my Glory gone?

And you gotta respect the position in which you playing.
Never let your heart reflect the conditions in which you staying;
Even if it’s dark, and the temperature is the same
As winters in the Ukraine, ya appendages in chains.
Have forgiveness from the start, keep maliciousness restrained;
Be smart, never indiscrimate in ya aim,
Cuz its innocent witnesses oblivious to the thangs
To come the ones that hypnotists keep entertained.
And you cant arch, have some resilience in ya frame;
Stay resistant and committed to what u saying
Cuz, they’ll flip it the minute that you refrain.
Read the books and the lines, and literature in between.
You gotta be educated when going against the grain.
Pay attention, they illegitimate in they claims:
They assisted in the killin’ and pillagin’,
In addition to the addiction; shit is much bigger than just them planes, but:

   Where forth has my Glory gone?

This, is just a song.  But more than a statement about human resilience and struggle, it plays an integral part in my daily motivation and inspiration. #understand.



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